How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn?

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How Many Calories Do You Burn With Insanity?

When I asked this question online and in person, I was surprised that a lot of people have no idea as to how much calories the Insanity workout could burn. Because of this, I decided to spend some time in order to determine exactly the average calories burned by a person while doing this exercise routine.

Every Insanity workout DVD is different. Aside from this, every person doing the workout is also different. This means that people exercise in different levels of intensity. Because of this, the number of calories burned by a person will largely depend on the weight and as well as age of the person. This means that the results retrieved from and are based on the average person.

Insanity Video: Burned Over 1,000 Calories! (skip to 2:20)

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The average number of calories burned for every workout over the course of the routine is approximately 650 calories for every DVD. If you are obese or overweight the amount of calories that you can burn might be 200 more than the average number. However, if you are underweight, then the calories you might burn could be 200 less than the average 650. If you go for a higher intensity workout, then you are expected to burn higher amount of calories.

Intensity of Workout Counts!

Aside from this, there are also some Insanity workouts that are not as intense as the other routines. The maximum level of Insanity workouts could already help you burn approximately 1000 calories or more in just an hour. Because of this, it is very important to take the average over the week in order to determine the kind of calorie deficit you are making.

If you are determined in doing the Insanity workout while eating right and healthy, then you will definitely see great results. You should not be too concerned with the exact number of calories you burn. This is due to the fact that the Insanity program will help you lose weight as quickly as possible.

The weight loss will depend on your body type and as well as the type of intensity you use in your workouts. You can do exercises that can help you lose 15 or 20 calories per minute. All in all, I can definitely conclude that the program is indeed one of the hardest that I’ve tried. Nevertheless, Intensity is also very productive and effective.

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